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In which sectors are we represented?

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Safety in the healthcare sector

Safety and due care is a matter for professionals and patients.

Digitizing and making healthcare safer is high on the government’s agenda. Since the introduction of the safety management system (SMS), instructions and guidelines have focused on various elements of the safety agenda. Instruct-Pro Safety App supports various safety management protocols such as risk assessment activities for third parties. From monitoring cleaning protocols to maintenance work on equipment and buildings.

Sustainable employability in the Construction and Infrastructure sectors

Reduced failure in construction due to qualitative instructions

Clear instructions about (parts of) work processes not only reduce downtime and failure costs, but also increase the employability of employees. Instruct-Pro Safety App provides data with which construction companies can further optimize their own work processes. Construction site and office are also connected in real time.

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energie transitie

Special challenge in the Energy sector

Learning to deal with new technology during the energy transition

Small mistakes can have serious consequences. This sector, which is in a transition phase under high pressure, has to deal with the application of new technologies and the understaffing of appropriately trained personnel. That is precisely why the Instruct-Pro Safety App is used to ensure the safety of people

Risks in the Installation and Maintenance sectors

Prevent accidents through custom work instructions

Increasing safety on the way to and in the work environment requires, among other things, highly qualitative and adequate instructions that address both knowledge and behavior. The influence and involvement of operational technicians on safety is increasing with the help of the direct communication via the app with planning departments.

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