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Chat function | Direct contact with project group members

Chat function at project group level puts your professional in direct contact with experts. Targeted and rapid consultation for efficiency and safety in the workplace.

Chat capability as an important part of work instructions

Real-time chatting with the experts in the project group provides more efficiency and safety in the workplace.

Remote support for the professional in terms of expertise, planning and competence offers higher employability of your professionals.

Work efficiently and safely with less failure costs. Each expertise can also contribute its knowledge from other locations.

The possibility of composing the chat groups varies from managers, experts, planners and professionals.

Application app Instruct-Pro

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Chat messages and Feedback improve the quality

The chat and feedback system can be used by every user from every page in the app. Addressing comments and questions to the right person is a piece of cake.

Responses are clearly displayed and the manager can respond immediately. The chat messages and the feedback give the company direct insight into the experience of the professionals. With this you can further optimize your work instructions.

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