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Extra functionalities for your work instructions

Instruct-Pro makes work instructions accessible 24/7 and optionally offers interesting modules to support the entire work process within your organizations

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Registration forms

Provide insight into the start and completion of the work

Registration forms give every professional the possibility to share the information at the start and at the completion of the assignment. The photos from the beginning, intermediate and end situation are easy to upload.

Material list

Controlled consumed materials in a handy list from within the app.

With the ‘Materials list’ module you can digitally update the materials list after every completed project. Your planning department quickly knows which materials need to be supplemented.

Failure costs due to “misuse of materials” are a thing of the past.

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Check marks

Extra safety in work processes requires permission to continue.

A safe feeling that your professionals can indicate in which part of the process they are. Have all steps been taken in the safest form?

You place a ‘stop’ mark in the work instructions to give others the opportunity to ‘release’ the following activity.

Chat room

Being able to communicate directly in a closed environment.

Direct communication in a closed environment promotes the progress and safety of the work.

The chat room belonging to the project makes fast communication possible. The history of this communication can always be viewed.

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