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Instruct-Pro in the Healthcare sector

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e-Health, AI and Work Instructions

More care with fewer people requires innovative solutions and more efficient work. The use of new information and internet technologies to improve healthcare is of great importance. e-Health is thus a fact.

Due to the presence of data, analyzes can be performed with the help of AI for further improvement of care and work processes.

The correct work instructions (also for non-primary care tasks) bring efficiency and prevent (failure) costs. Instruct-Pro software is used for secondary care tasks with high impact.

Disinfection in healthcare
Instruct-Pro cleaning in care

Gap between different ICT applications

Integration between the various ICT solutions requires a lot of attention, just like the costs. That is why Instruct-Pro has a handy API to directly place all data of the work performed in the ERP system of the organization. In this way the work processes remain simple and manageable.

Standardization with customization

The users have no maintenance on the Instruct-Pro software (SaaS). We go for customization where necessary, and standard where possible. Proven software and further development based on user experiences.

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