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Theme sustainable employability on the construction agenda

EIB research provides insight into breakdowns in construction

The survey recently conducted by the Economic Institute for Construction calculates that the annual breakdown costs for the total construction and infrastructure amount to approximately 1.9 billion euros. Nearly 30% of this relates to the costs resulting from production loss, of which the construction site personnel account for more than 60%.

In the context of the energy transition, housing, and infrastructure projects, there is more than ever the emphasis on employee retention and sustainable employability. Training and innovation (including digitization) of work processes are two spearheads for reducing downtime costs.

Instruct-Pro Safety App is one such example of digitization. Clear digital instructions make it easier for professionals (construction site and UTA personnel) to carry out every step in the construction process in accordance with the guidelines. In addition, the data obtained with this provides analysis options to further optimize the work process the next time.

The Instruct-Pro Safety App has been developed for large and small organizations and can be connected with other business software for even more convenience.

Instructions via the Instruct-Pro App
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Digital adoption of cloud software also in construction

Statistics Netherlands investigated the use of digital software by construction companies. This shows that more and more construction companies are embracing cloud software, on the one hand because the data is available in real time and on the other hand because the costs per employee are getting lower, no maintenance and no specific ICT knowledge is required.

The user-friendliness of new and existing software is also increasing enormously, which means that a short implementation time is also required. The use of SaaS software in construction is expected to increase in 2021.

Canon research shows that 48% of construction companies give top priority to the digital transformation of construction processes.

Work instructions digital

In a collaboration between manufacturers of installations and materials, construction companies, and Instruct-Pro, more and more specific installation and maintenance instructions are becoming available. The handy safety app ensures that your craftsmen can use it at any location and at any time of the day.

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