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Instruct-Pro likes to contribute to an industry in which change is a 'must'.

Opting for new energy systems

There are many technical options that must be linked together in this energy transition to form a new efficient and low-CO2 whole. The need for heat pumps, windmills, solar panels, or other forms of CO2-free electricity is evident. This subsequently necessitates new working methods with also new technical knowledge.

The knowledge and learning platform Zivier plays an important role in learning new knowledge. To also guarantee safety and efficiency, Instruct-Pro technology offers a solution.

With AR / VR technology, technicians get to work with greater certainty and the data of their work is stored. What applies to the infrastructure of the electricity market, also applies to hydrogen, for example.

energie transitie
solar and wind energy

Together provide new technological applications

Imagine your technical professionals putting on the AR glasses at their job site. Looking through the extra information layer, they know exactly what is expected of them. No more separate working drawings, but integrated schemes projected onto the object being worked on.

Future development?

No, this is already being applied in various projects and the use of Mixed Reality will only increase in the coming years.

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