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Just like Instruct-Pro, the installation industry is dealing with accelerated innovations

State-of-the-art technology is becoming a necessity, not a luxury!

The app and business software from Instruct-Pro that shows clear digital work instructions 24/7 and communicates directly between work location and office is a first step. More and more organizations are seeing the benefits.

The rapid innovations in this industry will provide even more applications of technology that supports the professional. Mixed reality is introduced and Instruct-Pro supports this with programs, equipment, and training.

We do not do this alone. Together with active installers, we explore the possibilities of giving Mixed Reality a permanent place in this sector. Let us introduce your professionals to Augmented Reality together; then diagrams as shown on the right are dynamically displayed.

Precursor digital work instructions

Collectivity and collaboration

The pressure on cooperation is increasing as the installation work becomes more complex. Instruct-Pro offers medium-sized and smaller installation companies the opportunity to jointly keep the knowledge up-to-date and actively use it using digital work instructions. Our SaaS solution also offers many advantages in terms of price, which we would like to inform you about.

Will the physical instruction booklet disappear?

Probably soon in the museum for old tools forever. Instead, a digital world with IoT connections, AR / VR, and direct data collection in your own ERP system. Future work will look different. Let us know if you are already taking steps in that direction.

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