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Material list | Supply quickly and practically

Controlled consumed materials in a handy list from within the app.

Benefits of a materials list in your app

Keeping the stock at the workplace up-to-date and never “misunderstand”.

Have a direct overview at the company about the stock at the workplace (company car) and can immediately top up as soon as the professional reports to the company.

Easy to fill in form in the environment of the project / work assignment.

Voorraadlijst Instruct-Pro

Our clients use the digital materials list to work more efficiently

Accurately updated material lists and real-time insights for the company ensures that the responsible persons can act directly to support the professionals.

Veilig werken met Instruct-Pro

Support for just that little bit more speed

Digital material lists are extremely user-friendly.

In addition to easily compiling the list by the responsible person, it is very easy for the professional to keep the list per instruction process.

No more waiting times at the material supply for the next assignment.

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