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Registration forms | With every project start and finish

Provide insight into the start and completion of the work

Applications of the Registration forms

Registration forms give every professional the possibility to share information at the start and at the completion of the assignment. The photos from the beginning, intermediate and end situation are easy to upload.

Nowadays, images often serve as proof of the work completed and this app stores these images with the work performed. Handy to find again later.

Of course, the data relating to time use is stored, so that no link is lost for a single hour with a link to your own administration.

Instructions via the Instruct-Pro App
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Advantages when using the forms

“Near-real-time” data insightful for planner, project manager, KAM and all other interested parties.
Immediately have all the necessary information at hand in the conversation with your clients.
Digitally available information in advance improves preparation and execution at the workplace.
Little effort for maximum insight into work processes within the company.


Nowadays, the biggest cause of accidents at work is the lack of awareness about possible dangers. Underestimating situations and sailing on routine.

With the use of the Instruct-Pro app you increase the awareness of every employee on a daily basis.

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