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Support is good if solutions are offered

Within Instruct-Pro, the Support team aims to support you and your organization with all your technical questions and optimizing the entire app based on your wishes

Your work processes safer with Instruct-Pro

We like relationships with specific wishes about the functionalities of Instruct-Pro.

This offers us the opportunity to meet your wishes and to further optimize the app.

The first line help desk can be reached directly by phone or e-mail.

For questions about technology, we call in second-line support to provide you with the answers as quickly as possible.


The support desk is available between Monday  and Friday during office hours:
by telephone  +31(0)6 53155872

by e-mail


Our content experts support many of our relations with setting up and maintaining the work instructions.

We are also happy to inform you about the possibility.

Project preparation and planning via Instruct-Pro

Newsletters and webinars

The applications and technical possibilities of Instruct-Pro are constantly evolving in a market that is also developing rapidly. We are happy to keep you informed with concisely written bi-monthly newsletters.

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